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When Is It Time To Move To Independent Living?

A mid=aged couple is enjoying a tender sweet moment indoors, standing and cuddling in front of their window in an independent living community.

Independent living is a type of lifestyle offered in many senior living communities. They’re designed with older adults in mind who wish to maintain their independence yet live a quality life.  The age requirement in independent living communities is typically adults 55 and over, who usually don’t require help with age-related needs, such as activities […]

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How Much Exercise Is Too Much for Seniors?

Group of active senior people talking after their morning exercise.

Researchers have long studied the effect diet and exercise have on our quality of life, and there is virtually no doubt that staying active is crucial to maintaining your overall well-being. However, is it possible to exercise too much as a senior? Can over-exercising increase certain risks as you age? What are some of the […]

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Finding New Hobbies

Any parent of a child who is stuck indoors during a rainy day knows the continual complaint “what’s there to do!” For those of us who enjoy crafty hobbies, we are equally as familiar with the pleads from our family and friends – “please, no more doilies!”  While the joy of exploring our hobbies can […]

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Bring on the Spring!

Gardening is my happy place.  Give me a plot of dirt, my trowel, and some little seedlings, and I am as happy as a tick on a blue hound!  And though working in the garden is emotionally uplifting, as I age it’s getting a little harder physically. My back gets cramped up.  My knees creak. […]

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