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How to Speed up Metabolism After 60

An animated illustration of a woman's metabolism level being monitored on a speedometer with a woman holding up an apple to show a healthy diet for seniors.

Retirement should be a time of relaxing and enjoying your favorite hobbies. But it’s important to find a good balance of slowing down while staying active because if you slow down too much, your health may suffer. For example, our metabolism generally begins slowing down around 30 and continues slowing down progressively. But if you […]

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How Much Exercise Is Too Much for Seniors?

Group of active senior people talking after their morning exercise.

Researchers have long studied the effect diet and exercise have on our quality of life, and there is virtually no doubt that staying active is crucial to maintaining your overall well-being. However, is it possible to exercise too much as a senior? Can over-exercising increase certain risks as you age? What are some of the […]

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